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17 Jan 2018 - 15 Mar 2018


1572000 CNK

Crypto N Kafe
First Ecosystem to Regenerate African Coffee Industry 
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ANN Thread

Crypto N’ Kafe (CNK) is a global decentralized ecosystem powered by Blockchain technology. The platform directly connects farmers and consumers and helps to overcome retailer domination. The platform also offers a variety of smart contracts to facilitate efficient operations.

The CNK platform benefits consumers through inexpensive access to high-quality coffee, ease of purchase, and unlimited access to suppliers.

Farmers benefit through price controls and being close to the customer. Roasters are also able to make deals with both farmers and consumers while retailers build stronger, loyal relationships with their customers. )  
Bounty Program 
Join the TELEGRAM GROUP ( ) to be eligible for any Bounty Campaign

A Total of 1.572 Million CNK Tokens are reserved for the overall bounty campaign which will be allocated as follows:

15% For Facebook (1,57,200 CNK Tokens)
15% For Twitter (1,57,200 CNK Tokens)
15% for Translation & Moderation (1,57,200 CNK Tokens)
25% for Blog and Media Campaign (3,14,400 CNK Tokens)
30% For Signature Campaign(3,14,400 CNK Tokens)

All Bounties will be paid directly to all eligible users wallets after 3 weeks of Main ICO Phase.

General Rules:
1: Payment Address will not be changed. Once you apply using an address that address will be locked. Everyone is responsible to protect his address and private keys. do not click on any links you'll receive through unknown emails.
2: You Must join the telegram group in order to participate in this Project's bounty program. Without joining the telegram group you will not be counted on any Bounty. The telegram link is:



15% of the total Bounty Pool will be allocated for Twitter Bounty Campaign.

Like Official Twitter Handle:

Fill this Form:


Terms & Rules: 

To take part in the Twitter bounty campaign, apply in this Form
Keep following our Twitter page on Twitter.
Have a Twitter account that is more than 4 months old.
Your account must have at least 500 followers. The number of followers must be public.
Create at least 5 tweets a week around Crypto n Kafe & Retweet all important announcement after the date of commencement of the
Bounty Program.
Two consecutive tweets must have a time gap of minimum 6 hours. Don't post everything in one day, you are supposed to make the tweets
constructive and not simply spam.
All “important announcements” tweets must be done within 36 hours of the announcement.
Retweet tweets from official Crypto n Kafe Twitter at least 3 times a week.
Keep the Crypto n Kafe tweets on your Twitter account until the distribution of all Bounty. Rewards have been concluded. The posts must be
Ensure all tweets have the hashtag #CNKtoken & Website/ANN Thread Link, unless you are retweeting a tweet already contains the hashtag.
Twitter accounts must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted.
Twitter Audit for the registered twitter accounts should be more than 85%.
Only register one Twitter account for participation. Users found to be using multi accounts, will be black-listed.
The number of your points is displayed in this Spreadsheet
Terms and Condition can be changed or more can be applied.
Users receive different amounts of points according to the number of followers.


Number of Followers | Points Per Week
500-999 | 8 Points
1000-2499 | 15 Points
2500-4999 | 25 Points
5000-14999 | 40 Points
15000+ | 80 Points


15% of the total Bounty Pool will be allocated for Facebook Bounty Campaign.
Like Official Facebook page:

Fill this Form:


Terms & Rules: 

To take part in the Facebook bounty campaign, apply in this Form
Like our Facebook page.
Your account must have at least 500 friends. The number of friends must be public.
Make at least 3 posts a week about the Crypto n Kafe Token Sale and include 2 Links, one of the Website and one of the Bitcointalk Thread.
Reposting: Share all posts published on Official Facebook page of Crypto N Kafe after the date of commencement of the Bounty
Posting: Only one post will be considered as valid per account per day.
The posts must not be removed from your personal profile/page until the end of the Bounty campaign. The posts must be public.
Facebook accounts must be original. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted.
Joining with multiple accounts is not allowed. Users found to be using multi accounts, will be blacklisted.
The number of your points is displayed in this Spreadsheet
Terms and Condition can be changed or more can be applied.

Users receive different amounts of points according to the number of followers.


Number of Friends | Points Per Week
500-999 | 4 Points
1000-1999 | 10 Points
2000-4999 | 20 Points
5000+ | 30 Points


15% of total bounty pool is reserved for all valid translators and community managers. Translate CNK Token ANN thread, Whitepaper and Manage local community/thread and get your Reward. 

Points will be allocated as follows:

Whitepaper Translation: 120 Points
ANN Thread + Bounty Thread Translation: 70 Points
Moderation/Management: 5 Points per valid post.

To reserve a language please post your interest with some of your previous translation work.

After finishing your translation, fill in this form with your translation and other details:

Spreadsheet of completed translations:

Terms & Rules: 

To reserve a language for translation, apply in this Form
Translations must be original and made by the user only. Using google translate and other tools is strictly prohibited and leads to disqualification.
Only Valid Posts of the Translators will be accepted for Moderation/management points. Translators must be active. In the case of translator’s inactivity another Moderator will be hired for updating and moderating the thread.
Only constructive posts are counted. Spam and unnecessary posts won’t be counted. Spammers will be disqualified.
The number of your points is displayed in this Spreadsheet
Manager and Owner Reserve the rights to change the terms or apply new terms.

Crypto n Kafe awards writers, bloggers, journalists and video editors with CNK tokens for publishing quality content about our project.

We'll Reward all Bloggers, writers, youtubers, video creators, graphic designers and content creators who will add their support to promote CNK token by writing reviews, blogs, articles in their website and blogs, and create video presentation, reviews on their YouTube channels and other sources.

25% of total the Bounty Pool will be allocated for Blog and Media Bounty Participants.

In this bounty, we accept only blog posts, articles, and videos.

Write your Article, Reviews, or Create Your Video and Submit your Entry in the form:

Here is the list of all blogs and videos:

You can write and publish blog or article, in any of the official Crypto N Kafe WhitePaper translated languages, of at least 250 words containing at least two links to the Crypto N Kafe Website. The two links to the Website need to properly referenced and related to the content of the blog post or published article.

Videos are also supported but only in English.

Crypto N Kafe’s Content Assessors will assess the video, blog or published article on its contents at ‘standard’, ‘complementary’ and 'exceptional’. The video, blog’s or article’s assessment will also include the popularity of the content. Bounty points will only be awarded to your Bounty Account, after the Content Assessor’s review.

All pieces of content (including articles, blog posts, videos, etc.) are divided into 3 categories: and will reward them as follows

Exceptional:150 Points
Complementary: 75Points
Standard: 50 Points

We want to encourage the creativity and innovation, hence you'll be awarded extra work Points for finding creative ways to help us. (Complementary Points)


To be eligible to participate in Content Creation campaign you must write/create a published video, blog or article:

To send us a link to the publication or video, fill this Form
All content must be original. Copying and translating other’s articles, as well as using other’s staff like videos, images, etc., is prohibited and will lead to disqualification.
You can use our official images, logo, graphics and other staff published content on our website and in the ANN thread.
Videos must be either solely or have a majority of the total content focused on the Crypto N Kafe platform and the TGE. Once the content is published you must:
Reference or post it on at least one other traditional social media site;
Be accessible to the open internet;
Post your link to your article at the Bounty tracker Spreadsheet each time.
Articles must be longer than 500 words.
Videos must be at least 1 minute long.
The article or description of the video must contain at least 1 link to our website and 1 link either to the Whitepaper or to the official ANN thread. The article or description must also contain a link to your BTT profile in order to prove your authorship.
Blogging platforms like Medium, Steemit, Newbium, etc. are allowed, but only 3 posts of a person are accepted on these platforms.
The number of your points is displayed in this Spreadsheet
Manager and the Owners will have the rights to change any rules, or make any changes if necessary.

We will reward all the supporters with CNK Tokens who'll add our Signature and Avatar to their Profiles and Help us in promoting the project across the forum.

30% of total Bounty Budget will be Allocated for Signature Campaign. 

Add Signature according to your Profile Rank and fill the form below:
Joining Form:


Payment will be based on weekly Points:

Jr. Member: 7 Points/Weeks
Member: 15 Points/Week
Full Member: 30 Points/Week
Sr. Member: 50 Points/Week
Hero and Legendary: 80 Points/Week

Discussion boards we don’t count:
Games and round, Micro earnings, Politics and Society, Off-topic, Archival, threads, Auctions, Lending, Beginners and help, Press, Investor based games.

Users receive different amounts of points according to their rank. The rank is fixed when you apply and cannot be changed during the campaign. 
Rules, Terms Conditions:

To take part in the Signature bounty campaign, apply in this Form
To be eligible to participate in Bitcoin Talk Campaign you must: Add the Signature within 24 hours of registration.
The signature codes and the avatar can be found here.
The Signature must be kept until the end of the ICO, removing the signature before that time will result in disqualification.
During this period you must make a minimum of 10 Posts / per week in order to be considered eligible.
Your need to make at least 1 constructive post in the Crypto N Kafe thread each week.
To get the signature reward, you must have written at least 40 posts by the end of the campaign.
Eligible are posts over 75 characters. Posts shorter than 75 characters are not counted.
Posts must be constructive and On-topic. Spamming, low quality posts, copy paste and off topic posts will not be counted.
Spammers and multi-accounts will be banned and disqualified.
Receiving negative trust or ban during your participation in our campaign will result in you being disqualified from our campaign
receiving nothing.
The number of your points is displayed in this Spreadsheet
Keep your signature on until the Spreadsheet is updated with your final post count, for at least two more weeks, removing it before post count has been undertaken will result in the posts not being counted and they will not be accepted.
Accounts with negative trust are not accepted.