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Wighte Paper

10 Mar 2018 - 15 Apr 2018




TimeBox is using decentralized storage technology with smart contract on it. Blockchain can keep our digital assets forever on the internet, as long as the internet exist. A smart contract guarantees the stored precious assets be delivered on time whenever it is. TimeBox leverage blockchain technology with guaranteed delivery service, is the key solution to the needs or pains for everyone. Your best choice for valuable digital assets, TimeBox!


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There are four key issues in today's storage technology.
Timebox will focus on three aspects.
- build an advanced blockchian for digital assets such as photo, video, password, banking statement, cryptocurrency and even the whole memory download from human brain.
- Global promotion and operation for TimeBox services and ensure liquidity of the TimeBox Coin. 
- Setup a charity foundation of TimeBox, provide the TimeBox service to those vulnerable groups.
01. Permanent storage
With the changing times, storage will continue to change; we want to provide sustainable storage with blockchain technology.
02. Invisible identification
Personal data and privacy has always been the subject of the Internet, and TimeBox will challenge security and privacy identification.
03. High security
Using decentralization technology, it will make the hackers difficult to attack.
04. Convenient and beneficial trust
Store text, audio, photos, video and of course your digital assets like cryptocurrency into the TimeBox. TimeBox will be implemented based on blockchain smart contract. The deposited content will be based on contract and means of delivery; transmit to specified person at the appointed time. Of course, you can assign yourself or others to realize the concept of trust.

Token Structure