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Wighte Paper

24 Mar 2018 - 31 Jul 2018


350,000,000 PCL


is the first savings platform guided by AML Artificial Intelligence.

Imagine, no more switching currencies, chasing pumps. 
Put money in a savings wallet, set the rules, relax.
Now, imagine a huge transparent savings contract, and bonds from it. 
This is the future of markets, this is Peculium.


In this thread, you can find rules and details for bounties meant 
to have more people discovering Peculium.

350,000,000 PCL

Until the end of the Peculium Continued Coin Offering.

Bounties for everyone:

Signature campaign
Social media campaign
Grow the community campaign

Bounties for professionals with big audiences and expertise:

Signature campaign
Translation campaign
Articles & Videos campaign
Social media campaign
Grow the community campaign

- I -

Bounty Campaigns

Signature Campaign
10,000,000 PCL per month



1. Users with the rank Newbie cannot participate.
2. Users with negative trust cannot participate.
3. Users cannot register multiple times on different accounts.
4. Users on the SMAS blacklist cannot participate.
5. Posts in the Wall Observer, Signature or Bounty Campaign threads, Offtopic, Society&Politics, Trading Discussions and Marketplace subsections do NOT count.
6. Each post needs to have 75 characters or more, no spam.
7. Post per week: 15.
8. If the user is caught spamming he will be imminently banned from the bounty. His shares will be voided.
9. If the user changes his avatar or signature during the campaign his payment will be voided.
10. In the event that the signature design changes, users are obligated to update their signature. Users who fail to do so will be notified, and if they fail to change it in 1 week after the notification, their shares will be voided.
11. Merit system: If you have 10 additional Merit on top of your base Merit you will be eligible for a higher payment.
12. People that join later will get a relative payment based on their week of joining.
13. Distribution of payment every two months.


Signatures will be added in the next 24 hours.

Junior Member Signature

Member Signature

Full Member Signature

Sr. Member Signature

Hero Member Signature

Legendary Member Signature


Public Sheet


Social Media Campaign
15,000,000 PCL per month

Regular Bounty participants budget per month:

Reddit: 2,000,000 PCL
Twitter: 2,000,000 PCL
Facebook: 500,000 PCL
LinkedIn: 500,000 PCL

Professional Bounty participants per month:

Minimum of 100,000 PCL up to 1,000,000 PCL per person per month by case to case basis. 


1. All accounts will be checked for real followers.
2. Accounts with less than 70% real followers are disqualified.
3. A user is not allowed to join the campaign with multiple social media accounts - one per platform.
4. Do not edit your submission post. Post a new one every time with 48 hours between them.
The last submission post of every payout stage needs to contain all previous tasks - this will make the distribution a lot faster.
5. Flat payment for done tasks.
6. Distribution of payment every two months.

Payment per task

1. Max reward for a single participant per month: 
Twitter: 2,000 PCL | Reddit: 2,000 PCL | Facebook: 1,500 PCL | LinkedIn: 1,500 PCL
Reddit: Subscribe: 100 PCL | Post: 75 PCL | Post upvoted by community members: additional 75 PCL
Twitter: Follow: 100 PCL | Like: 25 PCL | Retweet: 25 PCL | Post: 50 PCL
Facebook: Follow: 100 PCL | Like: 25 PCL | Share: 25 PCL | Post: 50 PCL
LinkedIn: Follow: 100 PCL | Like: 25 PCL | Post: 50 PCL
6. Event bonus: Mention an upcoming Peculium event in your post to get 25 extra PCL.



Public Sheet



Grow the Community Campaign
15,000,000 PCL per month

This bounty is dedicated to grow our young community by making buzz and showing people what our project is about.
We will include a Proof of Care system, Airdrops and everything else which does not fit in the other bounties but helps the Peculium community to grow!

Proof of Care

1. Spread the message about Peculium and earn 50 PCL.
Example: Post or comment about Peculium on Reddit (not the Peculium subreddit), Steemit, Medium and so on.
2. Introduce a new person to the Peculium Community and earn 250 PCL.
Example: Introduce new people to Peculium and talk with them about AIEVE, its savings managment, usage of blockchain, show them our infographics and so on. 
3. You will need to proof your care by making a screenshot which can verify that you are the creator (e.g. shows your account name) and submit it to us via PM or in this thread!
The best way is to create an online album, send us the link and update the album with your tasks.
4. Limit per person per month: 5,000 PCL
5. Distribution of payment every two months.

Referral program

1. Create an account on our 
TGE platform.
2. Go to your "Referral Link" page.
3. Copy your referral link and share it with other people.
4. Get a 5% PCL Bonus on each successful investment made through your referral link!


1. Airdrops will be announced by Team Peculium on all our Social Media channels.
2. To be eligible certain task needs to be done.

Ongoing Airdrops:



1. Events will be announced by Team Peculium on all our Social Media channels.
2. To be eligible certain task needs to be done.

Ongoing Events:



1. Depending on quality and quantity of tasks participants will be eligible for a monthly one time payment.
2. There will be a system with 10 different Levels and each higher level will give a greater payout.
3. The Bounty Managers will decide the promotion of the participants to a higher level.
4. Tasks can be everything that grows the community and are not bound to the Bounty Campaign.
5. The Level resets at the end of every month after the payout.
6. Distribution of payment every two months.


Level 1: 100 PCL
Level 2: 1,000 PCL
Level 3: 5,000 PCL
Level 4: 10,000 PCL
Level 5: 30,000 PCL
Level 6: 50,000 PCL
Level 7: 100,000 PCL
Level 8: 300,000 PCL
Level 9: 500,000 PCL
Level 10: 1,000,000 PCL


Send us your submission Album

Public Sheet

Article and Video Campaign
10,000,000 PCL per month


1. Flat reward.
2. High quality articles & videos only.
3. Articles only in well-known medias, also great numbers of subscribers and reach only.
4. English only, different languages subject to confirmation from the Bounty Managers.
5. Minimum 0:45min, maximum 2:30min for Videos.
6. Topics TBD by Peculium (i.e.: PECULIUM, Events, AI, Smart-Contracts, etc...).
7. Link to the website and white paper are required (in the article or in the video description).
8. Your username/profile link is required in the footer/description to prove authorship.
9. Articles/Videos must be positive of the project.
10. This Bounty is mainly addressed to Professional Bounty participants.
11. Every article and video will need approval of the Bounty Managers.
12. Distribution at the end of the month.

Payment for articles and videos:

From 200,000 PCL up to 350,000 PCL per article/video depending on the quality and reach.





Translation Campaign
5,000,000 PCL per month


1. Automated translation is prohibited.
2. Users with red trust are disqualified.
3. Reservation is not done by first-come basis. It is up to the bounty managers discretion.
4. Available languages: Japanese | Chinese | Russian | Spanish | Arabic | German | Turkish.
5. Flat payment and distribution every month.
6. High Quality translations only.
7. Translations of articles, documents, websites etc.
8. Professional bounty participants only.
9. Approval of the Bounty Managers needed.
10. Distribution at the end of the month.

Payment per translation

Will depend on the amount of translated words.

Application for translation needs to have (post them in the thread):

Portfolio links



- II -

Contact us

Bitcointalk Announcement Thread